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NewNetMail™ is a totally NEW, Patent Pending (US and other countries), private, totally secure online network, completely separate from the existing email network. NewNetMail makes Spam, email viruses and other unwanted email impossible.

Abre tu cuenta de correo Web que podrás consultar desde cualquier ordenador  y desde cualquier lugar.

Desde aquí puedes abrir, entrar en tu cuenta y leer o enviar tu correo.

Chat en directo con los visitantes de este sitio.

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Get your Own E-mail service


Our email users have been requesting alternative ways to use their email,
and additional services to make their email accounts more flexible.  In
response, we've enabled a host of services and solutions in your ZapZone
web-based email service.  You'll  definitely want to inform your site's
visitors about what your web-based email can do!

 FORWARD TO EMAIL. Forward your web-based email to your favorite
 email account, your web-based account on ZapZone will follow you
 wherever you go!

 POP ACCESS. Read, write, and edit your email messages offline,
 directly into your favorite email client (Eudora, Outlook, and
 Netscape Messenger, etc).

 EXTRA STORAGE. Expand the amount of email messages you can keep
 on your web based email account to 10 Megs!

 EMAIL FROM YOUR PAGER. You can now get paged upon receipt of
 urgent messages or have the message forwarded to your pager display!

 EMAIL FROM ANY PHONE. Listen to your email from any touch tone
 phone in the world. With this service, you can skip, delete,
 respond to email messages with a voice attachment.

 VOICEMAIL AND FAXES FROM YOUR EMAIL. By linking a unique phone number
 to your email, all your voice messages and faxes will be routed straight
 to your inbox, allowing you to get everything into one place.

ZapZone Network's Premium services are grouped in several packages (email
gold, email pro, email plus, and email by phone).  They range in price from
$2.50 USD per month to $19.95 USD per year and can be purchased online.  You
can also purchase these services separately depending upon your tastes and
needs. Log into your web-based email account for details!

NOTE: These services are currently being offered to English-speaking sites
only, premium services for sites in other languages are currently under